AmTryke Recipient: Madelyn Hiner

• July 30, 2016

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We were recently joined for a special AmTryke presentation at one of our regular Monday luncheons by 4 year-old Madelyn Hiner, who was accompanied by her mom Heather and her grandmother Mary Edge.

Madelyn has Cerebral Palsy and, according to her Occupational Therapist, Rika Brake, and her Physical Therapist, Mindy Harendt (both with ProStep Rehab of Lubbock), she has delayed motor skills,

Rika shared that, “Madelyn only recently began walking, and has been slow and clumsy in the process”. They noted that ProStep has several demo AmTrykes on site, and both therapists believe that Madelyn’s new AmTryke will “accelerate her therapy, and help with her strength and endurance.”

It’s always fun to see the faces of these young recipients light up as they receive their new AmTrykes, and if you’d like to share in that special experience, then Join Us at one of our future Monday Luncheons at the McKenzie/Merkett Alumni Center on the Texas Tech campus.