Through the fundraising efforts of the Lubbock Montery AMBUCS, our local club has given away hundreds of AmTrykes since they were first developed over 25 years ago by a recipient of an AMBUC Scholarship who had the idea of the AmTryke for some of her young therapy patients.

Since its inception, the AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program has been about abilities, not disabilities. The goal is to provide people with disabilities with all the classic benefits of riding a bike – mobility, strength, exercise, coordination, interaction with family and friends, and just pure fun!

AmTryke makes foot trykes, hand trykes, and combination hand and foot trykes in a wide range of sizes – all at a low cost. Nearly every rider can be successful, no matter the diagnosis, through our full line of highly adaptable trykes and a myriad of adaptive accessories.

To insure a proper fit AmTrykes can be adapted in many ways including frame size, seat selection, trunk and leg support. This makes it ideal for children with a variety of special needs. As a therapeutic tricycle, AmTrykes help children improve motor skills, provides strength training, is fun to ride and offers the opportunity for inclusive play. For adults, AmTrykes provide a new form of mobility, exercise, and freedom to explore the community.

For physical therapists or occupational therapist clinicians, the AmTryke will provide an age appropriate, safe, dynamic modality for improving balance, coordination, and strength. It’s so fun riders won’t even know they’re receiving therapy! The trykes can build endurance, self-confidence and provide another form of self-mobility aside from the assistive device that the child may routinely use such as wheelchair, crutches, or walker.

The multiple adjustments and accessories that this unique tricycle offers makes it a valuable addition to the medical therapy units repertoire of therapeutic devices used to further develop the functional skills of the people they serve.

For parents and families the use of the AmTryke fulfills the need of every child to have a bike. All children deserve a chance to have a bike just like their siblings and friends. Given a safe, stable platform, many riders not previously considered can ride just like their peers. AmTrykes are designed to look like bikes, not medical equipment, and to be age appropriate.

National AMBUCS, as a 501c3 charitable organization and owner of Amtryke has provided over 30,000 AmTrykes to riders across America, but it’s because it’s a grass roots charity that it’s grown.

AMBUCS chapters like Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS fundraise and provide the equipment for those with financial need.  Riders must be evaluated by a physical or occupational therapist to be eligible.

Contact us if you know of someone who could use an AmTryke, or just have their therapist check out site for an Evaluation Form and then we can see about helping with the funding.