Big-Hat-Sponsored “Significant Other” Luncheon Is Big Success

• August 30, 2016

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On Monday, August 22, many of us were joined at our regular Monday luncheon by our Significant Others, and it was a fun time for all. It was great to add extra tables and expand into another room, and to enjoy a very full program.

We were all inspired by the presentation of a Vet AmTryke to Commander Ron Long; entertained by Keegan Peck, who was a member of the Lubbock Moonlight Musicals recent production of Carousel; and then learned from Robin Henson (Executive VP of Moonlight Musicals) more about the outstanding benefits their special programming brings to the Lubbock community, and details about their upcoming Moonlight Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera in November.

While most folks, like Kadee Harcrow (above) brought only her hubby Ron; others, like Bill Wrench (below), not only brought his Significant Other, Karen, but even brought his extended family, his great niece, Julie.

It was good for all of us to meet the “other half” of our regular member relationships, and to let our own Significant Others see more of what we do as a club. You can see by the photo below that some of our Significant Others are Members also, and we’d love to see even more JOIN US on a regular basis.

Richard Hamilton wrapped up our time together by having Robin Henson draw from the other half of the tickets that had been given to each guest as they arrived, and using those drawn tickets to help present some “awesome” member-donated door prizes to several of our “special guests”.

The event was sponsored by our Big Hat Club, and seems like a really good thing to add to our calendar of events. Our President Anthony Brocato said we’re hoping to repeat this Significant Other Event in each month that has five Mondays, so that means we still have January and May to look forward to before this fiscal year is out.