AmTryke Recipient: Sierra Odiorne

• December 4, 2016

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We were joined for our regular Monday luncheon recently by Sierra Odiorne and her Grandmother, Christine, and her Father, Jonathan, so that Sierra could receive her new AmTryke.

Sierra is a student at Hardwick Elementary, and her teacher is Debbie Sanders, wife of Monterey AMBUCS member Bobby Sanders. Debbie works with special needs students, and interestingly, also taught Sierra’s dad 20 years ago (and Sierra’s Grandmother says “Debbie hasn’t aged a day”).

Sierra has tried a 2-wheeler with training wheels, but due to her condition, her balance is off and she was unable to ride. Her therapist is Laura Hinajosa at South Plains Rehab (one of our Club Evaluation Sites), and Laura says this bike will help Sierra ride with more confidence.”

Sierra’s Grandmother says that they live near Toys R Us and that they plan to get plenty of use from the new bike there in the empty parking lot.

If you’d like to be a part of helping to raise the money to give these special bike awayJOIN US at one of our regular Monday luncheons at the McKenzie-Merkett Alumni Center on the Tech Campus and check us out.