AMTRYKE RECIPIENT: Elizabeth "Lizzy" Butler

• July 18, 2023

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July 17, 2023, was an exciting day for the 8-year-old, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Butler, as she received her 1416 ProSeries Foot AMTRYKE. Lizzy's PT is Jenny Stumbo at LISD. Lizzy is the definition of a true fighter. She continues to amaze people in her ability to work and master everyday tasks. According to her PT, Lizzy started out in a wheelchair. As Jenny stated, she could not think of anyone more deserving!!

Her AMTRYKE will assist in benefiting Lizzy in her continuation to enjoy socializing with family and friends and for recreational use. In addition, she will increase her muscular strengthening and coordination while having fun. Lizzy's AMTRYKE was given to her free of charge. This was made possible by our sponsors, members, donations and fundraiser event. The sponsor for her AMTRYKE was Commercial Electric. Thank you Commercial Electric!!

As you can see, it takes many people for an AMTRYKE recipient to receive their much-needed therapeutic AMTRYKE. To become involved in the Lubbock Monterey Chapter of AMBUCS, you can DONATE NOW or become a SPONSOR. Come on out and JOIN US at our luncheon meetings and see what we are all about. We are the Lubbock Monterey Chapter of AMBUCS: Proud of our past...Engaged in our present...and, excited about our future. As it was in 1960...and as it still is today...We stand Shoulders Together!! We wish Lizzy many days of happiness riding her AMTRYKE.