Meet Our Members: Robbye Hendryx

• October 10, 2016

meet our members

Robbye Hendryx joined Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS in 1991. She says, “I was looking for a way to help people in my community.”  Robbye had visited other clubs, but when she visited AMBUCS, she says, “I felt like I had found a home, a place where other members care about you and feel like another family.”

Robbye works at Bergstein Enterprises – the Management Company for Oilfield Services Companies, with the largest being Standard Energy Services. She is the Human Resources Manager, and has been in this job for 7 years. Robbye says it’s always interesting. “Employees never cease to amaze me with their issues!”

Robbye says that her first involvement with AMBUCS came when current Member Bill Wrench asked her what she was doing that night. “I made the mistake of telling him nothing (haha). The next thing I know, I was working a shift at the Fair!”

She joined Monterey AMBUCS when they had decided the club would no longer be a male-only club, telling Bill, however, that she would not be the first female to join, so she waited and was the second one to join! She has had to miss a lot of club time the past couple of years, due to work and health situations, but in spite of that, Robbye can always be counted on for a couple of shifts at the Fair,

Robbye is single and has her “furry four-legged felines (Mikey, Max and Callie) at home.” She says her time is full working and helping her 90-year-old dad who is at home taking care of her step-mom who has Alzheimers. “Most days I just try to keep my head above water.”  Robbye shares that the oilfield work is taking some really hard hits right now, so we have had new problems to deal with to survive.

Her favorite past time is being with her friends, but Robbye also says, “I admit I watch too much TV, liking everything from Big Bang Theory to Grimm and Criminal Minds.” And, asked about her goals, Robbye says, “To get back to AMBUCS full time and be a part of what the club is doing.” And if you too (like Robbye) would like to help people in our community, then JOIN US some Monday for lunch at the McKenzie/Merkett Alumni Center on the Tech Campus.