Meet Our Members: Oscar Will

• July 30, 2016

meet our members

Oscar Will joined the South Plains Chapter of AMBUCS, a breakfast club, in Spring 1985 . David Brenholtz (current member of Monterey AMBUCS) was the President at the time, and Rick Sosbee was one of the guys that helped spearhead the Membership Drive for that club. Rick was also (and still is) a Member of the Monterey AMBUCS Chapter, and Oscar says, “when that chapter folded the next year, I switched to the Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS Chapter in October 1986.”

He originally joined AMBUCS, because “I wanted to be in a civic club that actually did something outstanding.” At the time Oscar joined, he says that WPS (Women’s Protective Services) was a recipient of some of the club’s funds – along with the Scholarships that were given out.  AmTrykes didn’t come along until the mid 1990’s.

Oscar owns his own business, Oscar Will, Jr. Inc. He is a bookkeeper/accountant and calls himself the QuickBooks expert of West Texas.

He tells us, ” I was born during the worst blizzard of the year in November, 1947.”  At 2:30 a.m. his dad had to hitch up the horses to go the 7 miles to Highway 83, using the horses to pull the car to get it started. He then tied the horses to the sleigh, drove to town to get the doctor, and then he reversed the trip home.  “I was born by midwife before the doctor got there, the only child in my family of five not born in the hospital.”  His Mom told him that his dad said, “I feel sorry for whoever has to get out in this storm tonight”, and as he turned to say goodnight, she smiled at him – “and he still chose to name me after himself.  I have real reasons why I turned out the way I did, yes means no, and no means yes.”

Oscar’s pastimes include golfing, gardening and riding with his wife (Susan) – they each have a horse. He and Susan are also both very involved in church and Israel traditions. They have been married 24 + years, and “successfully got Susan’s only child, Rebecca married to Michael in July, 2016 after they dated 17 years and were engaged almost 2 years.”  He has a stepdaughter (Catherine) with two beautiful girls (Macy and Loren), and a stepson (Peter) by a previous marriage and has “a great relationship with both of them.”

His goal is to “live life to the fullest, according to God’s word. I have had a blessed life thus far.”  And, Oscar says, “Susan and I plan on living at least to age 95 to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary, together.” 

One of our still-active members, Berwyn Tisdel, and his wife just celebrated 67 years of marriage, so hopefully, for those 25+ years that Oscar and Susan are working on that 50th Anniversary, we can keep Oscar actively engaged with Monterey AMBUCS.

And, if you’d like to be associated with long-term thinking folks like Berwyn and Oscar, Join Us for lunch some Monday noon at the Mckenzie/Merkett Alumni Center on the Texas Tech Campus, and consider becoming a member of Monterey AMBUCS.