AmTryke Recipient: Tykera Ross

• January 4, 2022

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January 3, 2022, was a great day to see an AMTRYKE recipient receive her refurbished JT 2000.

This AMTRYKE give away was made possible by The Community Foundation of West Texas, who awarded Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS a grant in the amount of $5,000.00. Due to the supply chain difficulties in receiving new AMTRYKES, our club made a decision to refurbish used AMTRYKES to a "like new" condition. It is through The Community Foundation of West Texas, who allows us to do so without cost to the recipient. We want to say "thank you" to The Community Foundation of West Texas and to let them know how grateful we are for their grant. For additional information about The Community Foundation of West Texas, please visit their website.

Now about the AMTRYKE recipient...Tykera is a vivacious 26 year old, who had brain surgery for the removal of a tumor. She wants to be as independent as possible, but currently has difficulty with her balance and coordinating movements. Tykera enjoys exercising and an AMTRYKE gives her a safe way to be active by keeping her moving, improving her balance and coordination.

Tykera was referred to Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS by her Occupational Therapist, Heather Beaugh. Her Physical therapist is Carrie Holly. She receives her therapy from the UMC Team Rehab: Neuro and Pediatric Center. "Thank you" for referring such a deserving recipient. In addition, we wish to say "thank you" to Jim Anderson, member of Lubbock Monterey Chapter of AMBUCS, and for his outstanding refurbishing abilities on Tykera's AMTRYKE to bring it to its "like new" condition. Jim likes to be known as "The Caregiver of AMTRYKES", and we agree with his title!! You will not ever find a person more dedicated and caring person as he is, in refurbishing these AMTRYKES!! Also, "thank you" goes to Elizabeth Middleton who oversaw the paperwork application and assisted Jim by delivering parts to repair the AMTRYKE. Both Jim and Elizabeth demonstrated the "Yes I Can" attitude in the "shoulders together" for getting things done.

What a wonderful day at Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS. "Happy trails" to Tykera as she uses her AMTRYKE. In addition, Tykera wanted to say something. Here is her speech.

"My Name is Tykera Ross and if you are my friend you can call me "T". If you are not my friend you can call me Tykera. As you all know, I had brain cancer 5 years ago and I beat it!! Since going to therapy, I know they (the therapists) have my back! But, I just want to say, I appreciate all of you for giving me a chance...and for giving me this amazing bike. I feel like a famous person. And, another thing, Heather, is my best friend. Heather calls me "T"...I thank her, and all of you in helping me to get better. Soon, I will be walking. Thank you!"

As you can see, it takes many people for an AMTRYKE recipient to receive their much needed therapeutic tryke. To become involved in the Lubbock Monterey Chapter of AMBUCS, you can DONATE NOW or become a SPONSOR. Come on out and JOIN US at one of our Monday Luncheon Meetings and you can see what we are all about. We are the Lubbock Monterey Chapter of AMBUCS: Proud of our past...Engaged in our present...and excited about our it was in 1960...and as it still is today...We Stand Shoulders Together!!