AmTryke Recipient: Stacie Silva

• August 30, 2016

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Stacie Silva, who turned 8 in August, showed up to receive her brand new AmTryke at one of our recent Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS Monday luncheons with enough family and therapists to almost fill two tables.

She was accompanied by her Mom and Dad, Richard and Sarah Cole; her sister Stephanie Silva; her Grandmother, Rhonda Griffin; her Aunt, Kaicee Griffin; and her cousin Zaedyn Cole; plus her OT, Sybille Newber and her PT Chel’c Pool.

Stacie’s Mom shared that Stacie had a stroke early in life, but her dad, Richard says that, despite her muscular limitations, she is nonetheless a super gamer (loves Monster High) and that she loves to run. Her two therapists (who work with Stacie at Trust Point) say it will not only help her build her muscles, but will also be very calming for Stacie to be able to ride bikes together with her sister Stephanie.

It’s always great to see families like Stacie’s come to one of our luncheons and interact first-hand with the members who have worked on our fund raisers to secure the money that allows these AmTrykes to be given away; and if you’d like to JOIN US some Monday to experience this first-hand also, we’d love to have you.