Amtryke Recipient: Rebecca Loewen

• July 13, 2021

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On July 12, 2021, Rebecca Loewen was given her own therapeutic Amtryke.. Rebecca is a shy 4 year old and lives in Seminole, Texas.

Her family who attended the presentation were: her mother, Sara (in picture with Rebecca), her older sister, Elena (not in picture) and her older brother, Joseph (not in picture). Rebecca was referred to the Lubbock Monterey Chapter of Ambucs by her Physical Therapist, Kelly Campbell. Because Rebecca was born with spinal bifida, Kelly believed Rebecca would benefit having an Amtryke. We are always so thankful and appreciate therapists for their referrals. Our mission to inspire mobility and independence to those with physical or mental disabilities. Rebecca's Amtryke will allow her to ride with her friends and family while strengthening her muscles, improving her coordination and social skills.

Rebecca's Amtryke was sponsored by Primitive. Primitive. provides software development, website design, digital marketing and branding. They are filled compassion, imagination, innovation, ingenuity, and innovation in crafting winning solutions to those who seek their services. Thank you so much Primitive. for making this possible. Rebecca and her family were so thankful for the Amtryke and we wish Rebecca happy riding on your very own Amtryke!

If you would like to be a part of the mission, providing Amtrykes and smiles to deserving recipients like Rebecca, JOIN US at our Monday Lunch to find out more about what we do in benefitting the Lubbock community and South Plains area.