Amtryke Recipient: Bobby Monk

• June 29, 2016

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Bobby Monk received an AmTryke from our Club at our regular luncheon on Monday, June 13, and was joined by quite a crowd: her husband, Ryan (a Plant Operations Mechanic with Covenant Hospital); her daughters, Brylie 9 (a student at Honey Elementary) and Tahle 12 (a student at Evans Middle School); her mother, Stehenia; her grandmother, Sue Parker; Ryan’s mother, Rhonda and sister, Resa; and Bobby’s best friend, Brooke.

Bobby has been in a wheelchair for 19 years, since she was 15 years old! In 1997, she and her mom and sister were headed home to Hamlin, Texas from Louisiana, and were only 15 minutes from home when one 18 wheeler was passing another 18 wheeler and clipped the car in which Bobby was riding. She was trapped for 30-40 minutes, with the hot motor resting on her legs for part of that time. In addition to burns, she had 2 broken legs, a punctured lung, and a lacerated liver.

This was quite a setback to someone who had been a Girl Scout leader for years, a cheer leader, and a track and basketball player in school, but she started rehab immediately, and it was while in rehab at Baylor Hospital in Dallas right after the accident that she first rode an AmTryke. She again rode one as part of her recent therapy with Lisa Furlough.

She was working with Lisa (a licensed therapist with LISD), because for the last 3 years, Bobby has been teaching 4th grade Math and Science at Alderson Middle School.  Prior to that she taught Special Ed at Rise Academy for 4 years, and prior to that she worked for 7 years with the Attorney General’s office after graduating Texas Tech with a dgree in Human Development and Family Studies.

Bobby said she is anxious to get active again, especially being able to ride her new AmTryke with her girls and her husband, and it was tremendous to be able to help in that blessing. If you’d like to help see that others like Bobby get the opportunity to be active again, consider membership in Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS – a great local community group.