Meet Our Members: Stacy Creitz

• November 2, 2016

meet our members

Stacy Creitz has been a member of Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS since 1994. At the time she joined, she owned her own business, and says she “wanted to interact with other business owners.” 

Stacy works at Texas Tech University as a Unit Coordinator, managing budgets for five departments. That sounds like something that someone who graduated years ago and has been working in the area for years would be doing, but Stacy tells us that , even though she has worked for Tech for 18 years, that she didn’t get her bachelor’s degree until she was 49, so it’s obviously never too late.

Stacy’s favorite pastimes are riding her Harley with her friends (“like every weekend”); going to the movies; Sunday family dinner with her two wonderful children Tanner 21 and Tamara 17.

She says her goal is “Full retirement from Texas Tech University in 5 years”, and experiencing both of her children graduating with their Bachelors Degrees from Texas Tech University. After that, “it’s travel the entire United States on my Harley with my friends.”

If you are someone who is obviously daring like Stacy, or maybe you just want to hang around daring folks like her, then JOIN US some Monday for lunch at the Mckenzie-Merket Alumni Center on the Tech Campus and consider becoming a member.