Meet Our Members: Tommy Boyd

Tommy Boyd joined Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS in 2010.  He was  influenced to join by members, Jim Berrier, Rick Sosebee and Hugh Lankford, all of whom knew each other from High School days in Abilene.


He works at TNT Fireworks, as West Texas sales manager – managing 60 fireworks locations.  It was through his position at TNT, that Tommy came up with the program we use at our Fair Restaurant of filling some of our shifts with Volunteer Organizations.  A few years back, severe drought conditions resulted in a ban on all fireworks sales, and Tommy had several of his locations manned by school groups.

Tommy suggested we use some of those school groups (who are always looking for funding ideas) to fill shifts at the Fair and pay something to the group for helping, and it has proven to be an indispensable part of our Fair operation ever since.  Tommy’ s connection to the school groups came as a result of his having been a High School football coach in Slaton, as well as a track and field official.

He is now retired from coaching, and is also retired US Army.  Tommy is divorced, has one son who teaches in Mesquite, and is engaged to “a great Gal”.   His favorite past times are traveling, golf, riding motorcycle and shooting, and he says he enjoys spending time with OLD high school friends, and someday looks forward to retiring (third time) and traveling full time.