Meet Our Members: David Tuohy

David Tuohy “2E” was a member of the “Happy-Hour” Southwest AMBUCS from 1981 to 1987 , and joined Monterey AMBUCS in 2014, because he says, “I wanted to be a part  of a ‘real’ AMBUCS club that makes life-changing contributions in people’s lives…duh…and have fun.”

David Tuohy blog shot

Dave is the Business Development Manager (“which is a suped-up title for sales guy”) for Express Employment Professionals“where we find good jobs for good people with good companies.” He is currently serving as our Club’s Sargeant-at-Arms; Chairing our Membership Committee and heading up our current Membership Drive; and was recently elected to be the club’s First Vice-President for next year.

When asked for an interesting fact about himself, Dave says he once got a salted peanut stuck in his ear – which he adds. “the doctor thought was pretty interesting”, a fact though that most of us who know him don’t find all that unusual.  He also welds “junk” yard art (“with emphasis on the word junk and not the word art”).

Dave says he loves books, puppies and long walks on the beach and when “I can’t find a beach around here, I have a hunting lease, and if it creeps, crawls or wiggles I’ll kill it.  Typically pigs and coyotes are my main victims”, and when asked about his personal life, Dave adds, Surprisingly I have one…. I have been married for 74 years… no wait  I mean 43 years (wonderful years) with a 37 year old son and a 34 year old daughter with 3 grand-boys.”

He tells us that he wants to, “Be able to pass wisdom on to my grand-kids – like three right turns make a left.”, and says his goals are to travel, have fun and never retire – and to answer some of life’s questions like “Do you actually live longer if you don’t smoke, drink and have fun …or does it just seem a-lot longer?”

You can probably tell that Dave is a fun-loving guy (like many in our club), and if you are too, or if you’d just like to hang around some fun-loving folks, while making life-changing contributions in peoples live, then JOIN US at one of our regular Monday luncheons at the McKenzie/Merkett Alumni Center on the Tech campous.