Meet Our Members: Bob Shattuck

Bob Shattuck  joined AMBUCS the first time in 1983, with a very small club that Arnold Tanner (owner of Highland Interiors) was President of.  His second time joining AMBUCS was with Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS in 1994, and he was voted Rookie of the Year in 1995, adding “it was the last award I was ever given.”

Bob shattuck blog shot

Asked why he joined, Bob says,  “The first time I was greedy and heard this club was full of potential radio clients.   The second time, I realized Lubbock had been good to me and I wanted to give back.”   He adds, “This club was fun and I enjoyed my time at the FAIR.  You really get to meet members when you hang for 7 hours or so.” 

Bob works for Townsquare Radio, a local company that oprates 7 radio stations. They also do Search Engine marketing on line for clients – building websites and offering on-line digital solutions.  But, Bob says that first and foremost he’s a “Radio Personality with big heart.   I keep the music going for all the little people”, and adds, “When people need help I offer media solutions.”   

When asked for an interesting fact about himself, Bob offers, “I have met a lot of movie stars.”    He says he went to Las Vegas in the mid 80’s and rode up a casino elevator that had a waiter with a food tray going to Don Rickles, adding, “I was star struck by a covered plate.”    He stood in line at the chip cashing cage at the same Casino the next day behind Tom Smothers of the Smothers Brothers, and says “He was not very funny or friendly.”   The same day, Bob saw a crowd of people watching Tom Selleck play blackjack.  “I never saw Tom……just the crowd.”   He says he drove back to the airport in a taxi whose driver claimed to play poker weekly with Telly Savalas.   Bob comments, “I think I believed him but still not sure.   Why would Telly play cards with a taxi driver?”        

Bob has been married to Donna Rose for 30 years (“happily married 6 years”), and says his favorite pastime is to get better at racquetball and that his life goal is to “Outlive my 401K!”

You can tell that Bob is always good for a quick quip, but he is also a hard-working and indispensible part of our club, and if you’d like to meet Bob, one of “Lubbock’s own stars”, and give back to the community like Bob, then JOIN US for lunch some Monday at the McKenzie/Merkkett Alumni Center on the Tech campus.