Amtryke Recipient: Jerry Corbin

Jerry Corbin and his wife Patty were guests of our Club at our regular Monday luncheon on June 27.  Jerry is a retired attorney who has been working with his therapist, Angie McDonald at the local VA.

Jeff Corbin with wife

Jerry served with the Marines from 1965-1075, including 3 years of active duty in Vietnam, where he was expposed to agent orange which has led to his challenges with Parkinson’s.   We presented Jerry with one of our Vet Bikes to help with his strength and mobility.  Jerry also suffers from diabetes and the exercise he can receive from riding should be a big benefit to him.

Jeff Corbin with David and Gary

Jerry shared a little bit of the story of his first “fire fight” in Vietnam, and then added, “Nobody deserves this gift less, or appreciates it more!”, and then he and Patty made a $250 donation back to the Amtryke Program.

Jeff Corbin Blog shot use

If you’d like to experience the satisfaction that comes from recognizing our Veteran’s and providing those in need with a Vet Bike, check us out some Monday at one of regular Monday luncheons at the McKenzie/Merkett Alumni Center on the Tech campus.