AmTryke Recipient: Dylan Acosta

Today we were joined by our newest AmTryke recipient Dylan Acosta at our regular Monday Luncheon at Merket Alumni Center on the Tech Campus, and were blessed to present Dylan with his brand new AmTryke!

Dylan was accompanied by his parents, Danny and Lori, who have 5 more kids in addition to Dylan. Danny has been a mechanic on 18 wheelers for 26 years, and Lori is definitely a stay-at-home mom and has her hands full.

Also pictured is Donna Rose Shattuck, wife of another Member of our club, Bob Shattuck who died this past year. Donna Rose had donated the money for the AmTryke in memory of Bob, and we all know that Bob was smiling down on the presentation.

Dylan is 15 (turns 16 on January 28) and graduated from Evans Middle School and is now a student at Premier High School. His 2 sisters and 2 of his 3 brothers each has a bicycle, and Dylan lights up when he talks about now being able to get out and ride in the neighborhood with them!

All AmTrykes are fully paid for by our Club, but have to be recommended by a professional therapist. Dylan has cerebral palsy, and has been working with his PT Amber at South Plains Rehab who says the AmTryke should help immensely in developing Dylan’s motor skills.

If you would like to be a part of the mission of providing AmTrykes and smiles to deserving recipients like Dylan’s. JOIN US some Monday for lunch and find out more about what we do to be a benefit to Lubbock.