Meet Our Members: Justin Hughes

Justin Hughes is one of our newest members, joining the Lubbock Monterey AMBUCS in November, as part of the recently-finished Branding Time Membership Drive.

Justin works at the Humanities Center at Texas Tech, where he says, “I’m the Executive Administrative Assistant responsible for operations of the center, event planning, purchasing, budget…you know all the fun stuff!”

Justin Hughes

An interesting fact about Justin is that he was “once upon a time, President of the Lubbock Collegiate AMBUCS.”  That was a special club set up to attract college students to the AMBUCS program, and it’s good to see that one of them has decided to continue to be a part of our mission upon graduation. 

Justin says that, Anything Texas Tech Athletics grabs my attention. That’s where you will find me generally spending my free time.” Also, he enjoys the theater, symphony, and cultural events that take place in town.

As far as his personal life, Justin tells us, It’s just me and my animals.”  He has four dogs (Shelby, Lola, Luey and Coco) and a cat (Molly). Molly was his grandmother’s cat and as a kitten, his grandmother thought he was a she, so she named him Molly. It wasn’t until a trip to the vet that they learned that Molly was a male cat! The name stuck though.

As far a goals, Justin says that he just checked the top goal off his list when he graduated from Tech in August 2015. We say congratulations to Justin on his graduation, and welcome him to our club.

And, we’ll welcome you as well, if you decide to be a part of our club’s mission of providing independence and mobility to people with disabilities.