Meet Our Members: Andrew McDaniels

Andrew McDaniels is one of our newest members, having joined during our recent Spring Roundup.  He works for McDaniels & Associates, LLC. which is contracted w/Mass Mutual Financial Group.

In that position, he does estate planning and management for families, planning for businesses, life insurance protection, group benefits production for businesses, and says, “I have a passion for helping families and businesses gain a strong sense of security and peace of mind knowing they have their estate/business/family protected and all affairs in order.”

Andrew McDaniel - Blog Photo

He says he joined Monterey AMBUCS because he believes in a life of service, and adds “There is a difference between helping, and serving.”

His favorite pastime is the yearly family pheasant hunt.  He says, “the location has changed over the years but the tradition will always live on through the generations.”  And, when asked for an interesting fact about himself, Daniel shared, “I can wiggle/make my ears move without touching them.”

He is currently single, and has a dog named Mac – a white lab that “enriches my quality of life every day.”  Andrew adds, “I am blessed with a large and loving family, I love NFL and college football, golf, hunting, and skiing. I am a proud Christian.”

His goal is to aid in the growth of the family business, carry on his father’s legacy and “continue to personally and professionally grow every day and through that build business and a life of my own. I see myself with a wife and kids one day when the time is right.”

Bobby Sanders is Andrew’s sponsor, and Andrew says, “I saw that same belief about living a life of service in Bobby and in the members of AMBUCS at my first lunch as a guest, and those are the type of people I wish to surround myself with.”

If you, too, are interested in serving others with a great group of other like-minded folks, Join Us at lunch, like Andrew did, at one of our regular Monday noon lunches at McKenzie/Merket Alumni Center on the Tech campus.